The 90-Day Money Mindset Reboot

ACE life coaching The 90-Day Money Mindset Reboot

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Join our founder & director, Maria Nemeth, for a FREE 5-session teleseminar exploring Wallace Wattles’ revolutionary prosperity principles in The Science of Getting Rich.

We will be reading, specifically, Chapters 4, 7, 11, and 14 in The Science of Getting Rich:

  • Chapter 4: The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich: “THOUGHT is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the Formless Substance. The stuff from which all things are made is a substance which thinks, and a thought of form in this substance produces the form….”
  • Chapter 7: Gratitude: “There is a Law of Gratitude, and it is absolutely necessary that you should observe the law, if you are to get the results you seek….”
  • Chapter 11: Acting in the Certain Way: “THOUGHT is the creative power, or the impelling force which causes the creative power to act; thinking in a Certain Way will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck—the failure to connect thought with personal action….”
  • Chapter 14: The Impression of Increase: “You are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all….”