So You Want to Be a Coach


Advanced Coaching Skills Group

Schedule TBA • Led by Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC

Learn Maria’s secret sauce and grow your confidence & mastery in this rare, intimate, 6-month group led by Maria herself.

ACE executive coaching Dr. Maria Nemeth

A path for ongoing mastery.

You asked, we listened.

The question we keep hearing after Coaching Skills Group is: “What now??!”

Where can you get ongoing group practice and real-time feedback?

What about the sense of all of us being in a room together, learning and growing as a community?

What about all the other advanced coaching skills you know you want to develop??

The mark of a masterful coach is always looking for the next opportunity for growth.

There are many ways to become a more masterful coach.

You can work with a Mentor Coach…

You can consult with peers…

One really good way is to study with someone who’s been coaching for more than 40 years…

To become a master, it’s useful to study with a master.

We know you’ve been wondering: How does Maria coach the way she does? 

What is she seeing, that you might not be seeing yet?

How can she anticipate what to say, that will cut right to the heart of the matter?

The good news is, it’s not magic: It’s simply advanced coaching skills.

And now that you’ve learned the basics, you’re ready to see what these skills are all about.

In this intimate group with Maria, you will:

  • Learn Maria’s “special sauce”: Go “behind the curtain” to see the specific strategies Maria employs — especially in the most difficult coaching situations.
  • Get real-time practice: Coach each other (using our Coaching-in-the-Ear format!) and get Maria’s real-time guidance and feedback to fine-tune your coaching.
  • Handle your most difficult client situations: Stumped on what to do with that “challenging client”? Bring your toughest questions and find clarity — as well as relief!
  • Be in community: We know how important this is to you! Finally reunite with your buddies as you each develop your mastery of this ontological model.
  • “Ask Maria Anything”: We know you have questions! Finally go “right to the source” when it comes to ontology, this model, and how best to hone your craft.
  • Sculpt the coaching practice you love: Do you need a breakthrough in creating the exact professional coaching practice of your dreams. Bring anything that seems to you to be an obstacle to your own financial success, and we’ll handle it! Remember, you can’t coach another person to go past a point you haven’t gone yourself!

Who is this for?

This program is for you if:

  • You are a Coach Training Program graduate, or, if a current student, you have passed Observed Coaching #3.
  • You’re actively coaching multiple paying clients.
  • You want to make an even bigger difference in the lives of your clients.
  • You know you want to take your mastery as a coach to the next level.
ACE life coaching Advanced Coaching Skills Group

What you get

The Advanced Coaching Skills Group includes:

Group Sessions

12 group sessions with Maria (2x per month): During the 2 hour sessions, Maria will meet you where you are in your development as a coach and support you to reach the next level of your development.

Limited spots, more direct support

  • This group is capped at 14 participants so you will be able to have regular direct attention and support from Maria.
  • You can count on being in the “sweet seat” every 2-3 sessions and to have chances to engage during every session.

Many ways to get support

There are many different ways you can use your support time during these sessions, including:

  • Case studies: Ask questions about specific client situations you’re currently encountering.
  • Real-time practice: Coach another participant for 10-15 minutes and get Maria’s guidance and mentorship in the moment to hone your skill.
  • Demonstrations & debriefs: Experience Maria coaching a participant (about any topic in their life) and harvest the lessons together as a group based on how she was coaching.
  • Coaching: Get coached by Maria to have the breakthrough you need to be successful as a professional coach!

Ongoing community support group

  • You’ll be in a group of support with your buddies to share your learning and questions between sessions.

Continuing Coach Education Units

  • For already certified coaches: 24 CCEUs (18 Core Competency and 6 Resource Development).