The Art of Enrollment

Master the art of enrollment.

In The Art of Enrollment, you will learn how to present a vision in such a clear and inviting way that people see the opportunity for themselves, and choose to participate.

Basic Details

  • When: October 5-8, 2017: Thursday-Sunday 9am-6pm
  • Pre-requisite: Empowering Life’s Energies
  • If you have taken this course before, we invite you to register at a 50% discount using the 1-word promo code: WELCOMEBACK

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You will learn:

  • How to develop and deliver authentic, inspiring presentations that increase the participation of others in your program, project or vision.
  • Tools to dismantle the beliefs and habits that have kept you from producing the outcomes you desire, both personally and professionally.
  • How to keep going and get the promised results even when you encounter obstacles.
  • How to be as empowering to people who say “no” as to those who say “yes,” to your project or idea, thus maintaining a positive relationship with them.
  • The five elements of successful enrollment, applicable to virtually every project, situation, or setting.
  • How to support others to increase their current personal effectiveness.
  • How to acknowledge others for their participation and contribution in authentic and meaningful ways.
  • How to increase your collaboration skills with your support network.