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We support you to build a sustainable career

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Empowering Others

So they can be proud of the life they are living

What is Coaching?

Coaching is

Creating a space in which your client gets access to their own wisdom and their own answers for their life.

Empowering your client with tools and skills to observe their stopping points and move beyond them.

Supporting your client to show up in a way they are proud of when they encounter life’s inevitable challenges.

Energizing. Something you look forward to.

Coaching is not

Giving your client answers from your life experience, needing to “have your life figured out.”

Giving prescriptive, tactical advice to help solve your client’s problems.

Trying to prevent your client from encountering difficulties or challenges.

Exhausting. A lot of hard work.

Ontology, a profound and practical approach

Rooted in ontology, or the study of being, our coaching framework looks at what it truly is to be human – the values we live by, the heroic journey we are here to take, and, ultimately, the gift to others we want to be known for.

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Scientific and spiritual

Our approach is grounded in principles found across spiritual and secular traditions while also drawing on the latest research in neuroscience.

What is ontology?

Experience our approach

Chat with our team to experience what it’s like talking to an ontologically-trained coach. They will support you to clarify your vision, answer any of your questions, and help you see if this program is the right fit for you.

Watch Maria’s TED Talk on how to access your own voice of wisdom using a simple process.

What They Are Saying

A pragmatic curriculum with a focus on mastery

Fully online by video conference


Training hours


Client coaching hours



Step 1: The Fundamentals

ACE Coaching Group and Empowering Leadership Excellence

Academy Foundational Training

Prerequisite: none
  • Observe and move past self-limiting inner dialogue
  • Stay centered and respond easily in any situation
  • Act from your true nature, rather than your worries
  • Bring your vision to reality through effective action
  • Develop a growth mindset
4 & 1/2 DAYS
Gain clarity

Discover what is important to you: the values you cherish, and your vision for the contributions you want to make.

Go past your stopping points

In order to coach others past their stopping points, we first teach you a method to consistently go past yours.

Empower others

Learn to create a coaching space where others discover and consistently take action on what’s important to them.


Academy Foundational Coaching Course

Prerequisite: Academy Foundational Course
  • Recognize your projections and hidden biases
  • Support others by demonstrating true compassion
  • Stay centered and grounded in difficult moments
  • Evoke clarity and action with empowering questions and techniques

Step 2: Certification Package

Academy for Coaching Excellence Lecture

1-on-1 Mentorship every step of the way

ACE executive coaching Dr. Maria Nemeth

Masterful mentorship

Each of our mentors is directly trained by our founder, Maria Nemeth, and hand picked for their coaching and business excellence.

Matched for the best fit

We will talk with you about your vision and desires to ensure that your mentor is the best fit for your personality and needs.

Real-time coaching skill feedback

Get-in-the-moment feedback from your mentor while you coach other students in the program.

Setting you up for business success

Drawing from their real-world business experience, your mentor supports you to set and score enrollment and income goals.

Diverse and lasting community of support

academy for coaching excellence

Learn and grow alongside a group of peers

You’ll be joining a cohort of fellow students that support and inspire each other throughout your journey in the program.

Different voices united under one goal

Each cohort is filled with students of different ages, jobs, cultures, and views, all working towards a more empowered world.

A supportive learning environment

Get-in-the-moment feedback from your mentor while you coach other students in the program.

Lifelong access to our coach community

Join an online community of 20+ years of graduates to ask questions, share celebrations, and build lasting relationships.

Duration & Timeline

Students complete our program within 1-2 years. And, you have the flexibility to choose your start date for each stage of the program.

North and South American-friendly timezones
North American East Coast & European-friendly timezones




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Decide your own tuition

We envision a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. Our pricing reflects that vision, by supporting people to participate who could not otherwise do so.

Gross Annual
Household Income
…OR Organizational Budget
(if your organization funds you)
Standard Price Early Bird Price
(25% discount, see availability below)
$90,000+ (all USD) $10,000,000+ $1,157 $2,700 Register Now
$70,000 - $89,999 $4,000,000 – $9,999,999 $1,057 $2,250 Register Now
$50,000 – $69,999 $1,000,000 – $3,999,999 $957 $1,800 Register Now
$25,000 – $49,999 $0 – $999,999 $857 $1350 Register Now
$0 – $24,999 Not applicable to organizations $757 $900 Register Now

This is a significant investment.
And we are here to support you to make it work.


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Get paid to coach while you get trained

Download our planning spreadsheet

Fee per session

Coaches usually earn $50-100/session with their first client and eventually earn $150-300/session and beyond.

Scholarships and discounts

Apply for our POC scholarship

Take advantage of the early bird discount

Your questions answered

Will this program prepare me for ICF credentialing?

Our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) qualifies you for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential, and fulfills all educational requirements for your Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential – for which you will qualify upon gaining 500 hours of coaching experience. We also provide twice the mentor coaching hours required for the Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential by the ICF.

Do you provide business support during and after the program?

A major portion of your training with us is focused on helping you build a successful business. We think of it like this: we’re only successful in our mission if you’re successful in yours. It doesn’t do the world any good to train a lot of coaches if they aren’t out there making an impact in people’s lives.

Our program includes extensive training, mentorship, and peer support to enroll paying coaching clients. After graduation, if you wish to receive further support on your business, we offer an advanced business-building program that you can enroll in.

Is this for people that already have training and experience in coaching or other methods of support?

Yes, it can be a great fit. We’ve had many coaches and trainers come through our program who are already trained and certified in other models. We’ve had many trained coaches who join our program say to us, “this was the missing piece.”

Does working with people with companies in an internal position count towards the coaching hours needed for graduation?

Yes! Many of our coaches aren’t interested in starting a private one-on-one coaching practice. Instead, they want to use coaching skills within an organization as part of their role. To count toward your graduation, the sessions must explicitly be for coaching (vs. supervising or mentoring). Your mentor coach will support you to set up these sessions in a way that works for you and the people you are coaching.

Has the program always been online? Does being online affect the effectiveness of the program?

Our programs are now fully online. By bringing together our more than 20 years of experience leading groups and years of leading remote classes, we have crafted a powerful, engaging, and truly transformational experience. There are ample opportunities to interact not just with your course leaders, but also with your fellow participants, so you have a rich experience of connection and community.

Here’s what folks are saying about our online programs:

  • “This was by far the best Zoom experience I’ve ever had.”
  • “Before the class I was concerned about the amount of hours on Zoom. However you all provided great breaks, stretching, and good amount of interaction to make it super doable and still very effective.”
  • “This worked better that I could have ever imagined. I loved the interaction, the breakout sessions, being able to share in a very supportive space. I think this was done with the utmost care and consideration.”
  • “Feeling peoples energies shift over Zoom was powerful. High level of engagement, vulnerability, and trust by everyone.”

The Coach Training Podcast

ACE executive coaching Podcast

We take a look on how coaching can help you see miracles and how coaching

can support you in what you want in life and going out and getting it.

ACE life coaching group

Choose the Academy Professional Coach Training Program that resonates with you the most

Every program has a distinct approach, which will form the foundation of your coaching practice and permeate your daily life. Choose a program that aligns with your values and vision to ensure a long-lasting and fulfilling coaching career.

No matter what you decide, you are taking an important step towards building a more just, thriving, and life-sustaining world!