Coach Training Program – Detailed Information

Become an Academy Coach or Access Powerful Coaching Skills

Empower yourself, organizations, and communities by becoming a skilled coach. The Coach Training Program offers two tracks from which to choose: the Entrepreneurial Professional Coach Track and the Internal Organizational Coach Track. Both programs provide a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that includes a combination of training, resource materials, observed coaching evaluations, and the guidance of a mentor coach.

The Entrepreneurial Professional Coach Track (Track I)

has been designed for people who are interested in becoming a coach and for coaches developing and growing a private coaching business. Whether the focus for you as a coach is upon executive, group, or life coaching, this coach track can help you attain your goals. Student coaches engage in specific assignments that guide them toward the successful setup and maintenance of their own coaching practice. To complete this coach track you are required to complete 125 hours of client coaching, a portion of which may be at no charge to the client.

The Internal Organizational Coach Track (Track II)

has been designed specifically for people who are interested in gaining or increasing coaching skills in their workplace. For those who work directly as coaches for their organizations, use coaching in their daily interactions on the job, or simply wish to augment their professional portfolio as a business coach, this program provides a comprehensive curriculum that gives the participant leading-edge coaching tools and skills. Experienced mentors, life coaches, and business coaches support participants to develop, apply, and evaluate specific projects that demonstrate coaching competencies and make a difference in their work environment.

Both tracks at the Academy train students to practice and demonstrate the following coaching competencies:

  • Meeting ethical and professional standards
  • Establishing trust with the client / creating the coaching alliance
  • Clarifying and establishing the coaching agreement or contract
  • Establishing a supportive and empowering coaching environment
  • Maintaining a professional coaching demeanor
  • Clarifying clients’ purposes, values, and intentions
  • Formulating actions, planning, and goal setting
  • Strategizing for desired results
  • Managing progress and accountability
  • Using active listening and promoting curiosity
  • Facilitating key learning through generalizing and applying outcomes

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The Academy Coach Training Program requires the completion of the following components in order to become a Certified Coach:
  • Academy Core Courses
  • The Coach Training Certification Package
  • Mentor coaching with an Academy-approved coach
  • 125 hours of coaching experience (Track I) or develop, apply, evaluate, and present an approved organizational project, including 50 hours of coaching experience (Track II)

The Core Courses: Overview

The Academy Core Courses are the foundation of the Coach Training Program. Face-to-face, rigorous, and four days each, they ensure maximum professional training in convenient and concentrated time periods.

  • The gateway course, Mastering Life’s Energies, introduces students to the coaching model and gives participants the tools they need to design meaningful goals and set authentic actions to reach those goals for themselves.
  • After taking Mastering Life’s Energies, student coaches take Empowering Life’s Energies, which teaches them how to use the Academy’s basic coaching strategies to encourage and support other people.
  • The Art of Enrollment and Advanced Coaching are the two courses that complete the student’s face-to-face curriculum. These coaching courses may be taken in either sequence following Empowering Life’s Energies.

These core coaching courses are open to everyone whether or not there is a desire to become a coach. Participants discover a wealth of skills, techniques, and methods for fostering excellence in themselves and others.

The Coach Training Certification Package: Overview

The coach program includes the following:

  • 12 Coaching Group sessions via Skype conference call
  • Coaching and Ethics teleclass: four sessions, two hours each
  • Coaching Your Business teleclass (Track I): four sessions, two hours each
  • Managing Organizational Change teleclass (Track II): four sessions, two hours each
  • Audio CD curriculum
  • Coaches Resource Notebook
  • Six pre-certification Observed Coaching Evaluations
  • Access to the Student Area on the Academy web site
  • Small Coaching Support Groups
  • Consulting and support of the Dean of Students
  • Two proficiency exams
  • Authorization to use the Academy’s premiere Coaching Guide for clients
  • Access to a mentor coach
Mentor Coaching

Student coaches in the Academy Coach Training Program are required to arrange 90 minutes of coaching each month with an Academy approved mentor coach for the duration of their certification program. Student coaches keep mentor coaching notes which track their professional development. Fees are paid directly to the mentor coach.

Coaching Contact Hours – Entrepreneurial Track

Student coaches must demonstrate their coaching expertise by accumulating 125 coaching contact hours. Seventy-five of these hours must be paid experience at a minimum charge of $25.00 an hour. Fifty hours may be pro-bono. A minimum number of six pro-bono contract sessions and/or three paid contract sessions per client are required. This ensures the development of coaching proficiency with clients over extended contact.


Course à la carte Coach Training Program Package
Thriving Changemaker Intensive (also known as Mastering Life’s Energies) $1,997 $1,200
Empowering Life’s Energies $2,497 $1,500
Advanced Coaching $2,497 $1,500
Art of Enrollment $2,497 $1,500
Coach Training Certification Package $4,997 $3,900
Mentor Coaching $250/mo for 18 months ($4,500) $250/mo for 18 months ($4,500) – (average)
Application Fee $150 $150
TOTAL $18,435 $14,250
(save $3,385 off à la carte)


For more information about our Coach Training Program, Academy coaches, or coaching course schedules, contact us at 916-569-0779.

If you would like to apply to the Coach Training Program, you can download the application here.