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Step 1: ACE Foundations 1: Mastering Your Life

Prerequisite: none
  • Learn to apply the coaching model in your life before coaching others
  • Observe and move past self-limiting inner dialogue
  • Stay centered and respond easily in any situation
  • Act from your true nature, rather than your worries
  • Bring your vision to reality through effective action
  • Develop a growth mindset

Step 2: ACE Foundations 2: Being Coach

Prerequisite: Academy Foundational Course
  • Recognize your projections and hidden biases
  • Support others by demonstrating true compassion
  • Stay centered and grounded in difficult moments
  • Evoke clarity and action with empowering questions and techniques

Step 3: ACE Professional Coach Training Program

Advanced Coaching

  • Cut through the story to focus on what’s important
  • Quickly discern and unpack the metaphors and viewpoints that are keeping a person “stuck”
  • Use acknowledgement and reflective listening to support others to discover their own answers
  • Catalyze breakthroughs with precise language

The Art of Enrollment

  • Dismantle any disempowering conception of sales
  • Shift away from “elevator pitches” and engage in enrollment conversations in a way that enlivens you
  • Discover your personal mission that fuels your work
  • Learn how to identify the clients you would most love to work with

Coaching and Ethics ~ Coaching Skills Group ~ Coaching Clients in Crisis

1-on-1 Mentorship every step of the way

Dr. Maria Nemeth PhD

Masterful mentorship

Each of our mentors is directly trained by our founder, Maria Nemeth, and hand picked for their coaching and business excellence.

Matched for the best fit

We will talk with you about your vision and desires to ensure that your mentor is the best fit for your personality and needs.

Real-time coaching skill feedback

Get-in-the-moment feedback from your mentor while you coach other students in the program.

Setting you up for business success

Drawing from their real-world business experience, your mentor supports you to set and score enrollment and income goals.

Diverse and lasting community of support

Learn and grow alongside a group of peers

You’ll be joining a cohort of fellow students that support and inspire each other throughout your journey in the program.

Different voices united under one goal

Each cohort is filled with students of different ages, jobs, cultures, and views, all working towards a more empowered world.

A supportive learning environment

Get-in-the-moment feedback from your mentor while you coach other students in the program.

Lifelong access to our coach community

Join an online community of 20+ years of graduates to ask questions, share celebrations, and build lasting relationships.

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Choose the coach training program that resonates with you the most

Every program has a distinct approach, which will form the foundation of your coaching practice and permeate your daily life. Choose a program that aligns with your values and vision to ensure a long-lasting and fulfilling coaching career.

No matter what you decide, you are taking an important step towards building a more just, thriving, and life-sustaining world!