Transform the world as it is
into the world as it could be.

Coaching for Social Change is an initiative empowering changemakers to transform the world with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

“Love and justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change.
Without collective change, no change matters.”
angel Kyodo Williams

Coaching for Social Change is a project of:

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Your Foundational Course:

The Thriving Changemaker Intensive (also known as Mastering Life’s Energies) is a 4-day transformational training for people who know a better world is possible and want to move past their stopping points — so they can make the difference they’re here to make.

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Who We Serve

Our community spans the nonprofit, public, private, & community sectors,
with leaders working in areas such as:

• Arts & Culture • Coaching & Leadership • Democracy & Politics • Education • Environmental Justice • Gender Justice • Healing & Empowerment • Human Rights • LGBTQ Rights • Peace • Racial Justice • Social Business • Faith • Technology

Why This, Why Now?

Too many leaders stop short, struggle needlessly, or burn out.

The challenges are many:

Not enough time, money, leadership, people-power…
overwork, overwhelm, and over-promising…
lack of confidence, team drama… and the list goes on.

The costs are high:

From rapid turnover to abandoned projects and imploded teams…
from failed campaigns to investments squandered and injustices persisting…
How much longer can we do it this way?

Our Theory of Change

When changemakers are empowered,
we all go farther, faster,
toward a world that works for all.

Social change leaders have the vision, passion, courage, and creativity to lead thriving organizations that can create lasting social progress. All too often, all that’s missing is a system of tools and skills for putting fundamental success and empowerment principles into action, and a community of practice to help master that system. That’s where we come in.

Thriving leaders transform the world.

What would it be like if leaders everywhere were bringing courage, creativity, and resilience to our greatest social & environmental challenges? We are uniquely positioned to make this vision a reality, and the result will be a transformation in both the means and ends of social change.

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