ACE Coaches: A discount just for your friends

As you know, most of the people who join Academy Foundational Training, Academy Foundational Coaching Course, or the Academy Professional Coach Training Program are because of referrals from each of you, our CTP community.

Anyone who has referred someone to these courses can tell you how fulfilling it is to have a friend join MLE, ELE, or even CTP. It’s an incredible experience to know that you got to contribute to someone’s journey in a big way.

A question I often hear from our coach community is: I have someone who is interested in ACE, is there a discount I can offer them?

To us, this makes perfect sense. We love having each of you in our community. And what better way to have more people like you than to make it easy for your friends to join.

So, we’ve created a new program:

Anyone you invite to MLE can use the promo code FRIEND to get the early bird discount plus an additional $50 off the standard price, even if the early bird discount period has ended.

Promo code: FRIEND

Here’s how it works:

Standard price for MLE

Early bird price (up to 2 months before the course begins)

FRIEND promo code price(can be used anytime, even after early bird has passed – a discount of ±25%)

Tier 5 – $3,600



Tier 4 – $3,000



Tier 3 – $2,400



Tier 2 – $1,800



Tier 1 – $1,200



So, when you come across clients or friends who are asking you about coach training or who might want coaching skills, now you’ve got a little gift to give them to support them on their journey!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at

Thanks for being a part of this community.