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Ep. 4: Coaching vs Psychotherapy

ACE executive coaching Podcast

We take a look on how coaching can help you see miracles and how coaching

can support you in what you want in life and going out and getting it.

Episode 4: Coaching vs Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is all about diagnosing and resolving problematic behaviors and feelings developed due to past traumas. On the other hand, life coaching helps in bringing clarity to your goals and in identifying obstacles that stop you from achieving them. Accordingly, an action plan can be created to achieve the desired goals on time. The entire process of life coaching is based on helping you get past your stopping points and mental blocks.

While a therapist helps a client change their self-destructive habits, repair a damaged relationship and come out of painful feelings, a life coach helps a person in taking control of their life. Without a doubt, the purpose of a therapist and a life coach is very similar, which is to help their client create a happier today & a stable future.

Listen to our podcast where Dr. Maria Nemeth shares the difference between coaching and psychotherapy. She also helps Tanya come up with a plan of action for reducing her anxiety and achieving her goals.