Ep. 5: Discomfort and Resistance

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We take a look on how coaching can help you see miracles and how coaching

can support you in what you want in life and going out and getting it.

Episode. 5: Discomfort and Resistance

You know how to achieve your goals. But there’s something that’s stopping you from achieving them. It could be your internal resistance or discomfort.

The internal repulsion is so strong that it is keeping you from doing what you always wanted to do. In order to create your dream life, you must first overcome your resistance. If that is impossible, try to find a path of least resistance. Or you can start by paying attention to when & where this resistance shows up and try to figure out why. Get curious about your discomfort. In this process, a life coach can help you by bringing more clarity to your thoughts & goals so that you can find the reasons behind this internal discomfort or resistance.

Listen to this podcast where Dr. Maria Nemeth talks about how, most of the time, resistance comes when we try to change something in our life. Listen as she helps Jim come to a decision regarding his coaching practice workflow and bring more clarity and peace of mind.