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Academy Foundational Training

Academy Foundational Training (formerly known as Mastering Life’s Energies) is a multi-session intensive for purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, people ready to master their internal stopping points, so they can empower others to do the same.

This course is the foundational module of our Academy Professional Coach Training Program, as well as our flagship, stand-alone intensive for personal and professional development.

Frequently asked questions

In a nutshell, what is this course?

A 4-day intensive for purpose-driven people ready to master their internal stopping points, make their unique contribution to life, and empower others to do the same.

Who is it really for?

Purpose-driven people who see life as it is and as it could be, and are called to bridge the gap. This includes coaches, consultants, executives, and managers… Social entrepreneurs and mission-driven business leaders… Nonprofit professionals, organizers, and civic leaders… Ministers, educators, healers, parents, and others in helping roles… and any growth-minded people who are in a transition and ready for more clarity, focus, and ease in their life and work.

What will I get out of this that I can’t figure out on my own?

We each have “blind spots” which cause us to hold back, give up, or struggle needlessly in the areas of life that matter most to us. This course reveals these blind spots — and more importantly, empowers you to move beyond them, so you can do all you are meant to do in life. Ask yourself: “Where in my life might I be making things harder than they need to be?”

What does it cost?

We use an suggested sliding scale (click for most current pricing) and a 100% money-back guarantee.

I can’t think about paying for something like this right now. Will the course be available in the future?

Our intention is to have this course available for a long time to come. That said, consider this: We naturally focus on the cost of doing something new, but we often forget the cost of the status quo. Where are you “leaking” or wasting energy, in terms of your money, time, health, relationships, and work? What is it costing you — now and in the future? What will you save (or gain) if you address this?

I’m more focused on empowering others. Can I skip this course and go directly to your coach training curriculum?

This course is actually the first required course in our coach training program, and teaches you to apply the fundamentals of our coaching model to empowering yourself and others. Many attend in order to become a more empowering leader, manager, director, coach, or even friend or family member. If you want to learn our empowerment methodology even further, this course qualifies you to do so.

What does the course actually look like? How is it led?

Our pedagogy blends didactic presentation, personal reflection, group coaching, peer interaction, and experiential skill-building. Here is the course overview.

How many people will be there?

We intentionally keep our courses under 30 people, so that every person can receive individual attention and get exactly what they came for.

Who leads the course, and how are they qualified?

Maria Nemeth is the creator and primary course leader for the Intensive. She is the Founder & Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and has shared this work over several decades, with tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Additionally she is a Master Certified Coach, as well as a licensed clinical psychologist.

This sounds similar to other trainings. How is it different?

Three ways. First: You will see lasting shifts in how you do things — long after the “high” wears off. Second: You will gain practical tools and skills — not just great insights and “aha!” moments. Third: Your greatest breakthroughs will continue to occur long after the course. You will leave with the practices and ongoing support for translating your new skills into tangible results in your life.