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Academy Foundational Training (formerly known as Mastering Life’s Energies) Are you an entrepreneur, leader, teacher, changemaker, parent, coach, or best friend? Before you can empower the people around you, you have to learn to go past the point where you’ve stopped yourself!


In this multi-session intensive course, you will discover and transcend your personal stopping points. You’ll learn specific principles and strategies to bring your ideas, dreams, and vision to life.  You will become more resilient during times of uncertainty and change and will see how to build trust no matter what’s happening with you or anyone else.


This course is the foundational module of our Academy Professional Coach Training Program, as well as our flagship, stand-alone intensive for leadership, personal, and professional development.


Fully online. Virtual live workshops.

4 Sessions remaining this year
May 19-22 | July 14-17 | September 15-18 | November 9-13

You cannot coach someone past a point you haven’t gone yourself.

Tools and skills for a luminous life

Luminous means: “emitting or reflecting light, startlingly bright, inspiring, radiant, resplendent, stunning, splendid.” In this course, you will learn a simple approach to living a luminous life — a way to create a life in which you see, at any moment, that you are doing exactly what you are here to do. The four aspects of luminosity are:

ACE executive coaching Mastering Life Energy

Gain a taste for the principles of this course by reading the renowned book by our founder and primary course leader, Dr. Maria Nemeth.


Seeing what is important to you. In this course you will discover your “personal GPS” and gain tools to live by it.


Putting your energy toward what is important to you. In this course, you’ll see where you’ve wasted energy, and how to use it effectively.


Taking small sweet steps toward what is important to you. In this course you’ll see how to “get things done” — with ease instead of struggle.


An unearned or unexpected blessing. In this course, you’ll gain tools for practicing the secret to grace: Being grateful, no matter the situation.

Curriculum for a life well-lived

You will gain a foolproof set of tools, practices, and skills for living the luminous life, encapsulated by six core transformational competencies:

ACE executive coaching Academy Foundational Training


Quickly observe and rise above your self-limiting inner dialogue.


Stay centered and respond easily, no matter the circumstances.


Act from your true nature, rather than from your doubts, fears, and anxieties.


Create a context in which others can see and act from their greatness.

Growth Mindset

Continually and actively be “coached” by your life and all those in it.

Creative Action

Bring your most cherished vision to reality by taking small sweet steps.

A profound & practical approach

Our work is rooted in ontology, the study of being. We look at what it truly is to be human: The values we live by, the heroic journey we are each here to take, and, ultimately, the gift to others we want to be known for. Our approach is:

ACE executive coaching hiking

How the course is structured

Our approach bridges the disciplines of personal transformation, leadership development, and coach training. The course is an engaging mix of “flipchart-style” teaching, personal reflection, group coaching, peer interaction, and experiential skill-building. The course is structured around four simple elements:


We take universal success principles based in wisdom teachings and neuroscience, and distill them into their most accessible form.


We then give you incredibly simple tools and practices you can use to immediately apply those principles in your everyday life and work.


The course is structured around actually using those tools, so you’ll leave with the skill and confidence to apply them.


You’ll leave with a support structure and simple ways to do something with what you’ve learned, and turn insight into actual shifts in your life.

Fully Online

ACE leadership coaching Online Course

Due to COVID-19, our entire academy professional coach training program is available online. You will be able to experience the full depth of learning and skill development that our program has to offer, while also having an environment to build relationships with your fellow participants.

Is it possible to have a transformational experience
in an online course?

Yes. By bringing together our more than 20 years of experience leading groups and advanced video conferencing tools, we have crafted a powerful, engaging, and truly transformational experience. There will be ample opportunities to interact not just with your course leaders, but also with your fellow participants, so you have a rich experience of connection and community. Here’s what our participants have said:


Why this Course?

There is nothing new about the wisdom teachings and success principles underlying our work — they have been around for millenia. What is unique about this work is that it puts these principles into a practical form you can use, to bridge the gap between life as it is and as you know it could be.

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True Transformation

You will see lasting shifts in how you do things — long after the “high” of the course wears off.

Our greatest inner obstacle is Monkey Mind, that chattering voice always jumping from worry to doubt and back to doubt again. This course teaches you how to observe Monkey Mind and shift toward thoughts worth thinking.

ACE leadership coaching Academy Foundational Training

Tools and Practices

You will learn to practice simple tools and skills that lead to ongoing results — not just “aha!” moments.

So many books and trainings try to teach us about what to do differently… but we still don’t do it! This course provides you a step-by-step system of tools and skills for putting success principles into consistent daily action.

ACE executive coaching icon-life-long-community

Lifelong Community

You will experience the incredible ongoing support of a community of learners and doers.

Often momentum and excitement dissipates once you re-enter the “real world” of daily life. You will leave this course with A) structured buddy support and B) a lifelong community of alumni, all dedicated to your success.

Is this course for you?

People attend for many reasons, personal and professional. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I'm at a crossroads and I'm ready to see what's next.

This course will help you find direction and focus, so you can intentionally create the life you love and make the contribution you are here to make.

I feel overwhelmed and really need a recharge.

This course will support you to step back, take stock, and see how to create and sustain a new level of clarity, focus, ease, and joy in your life and work.

I want to be a more empowering leader, manager, mentor...

This course will help you master the “inner” domain of leadership, giving you a core set of proven practices for empowering yourself and others.

I want to be a masterful professional coach!

Coaches trained elsewhere call this “the missing piece” in their training; AND, aspiring coaches can take this as the first module in our certification program!

Academy for Coaching Excellence: Uniting Our States

Our community

We serve purpose-driven people and organizations who see life as it is and as it could be, and are called to bridge the gap.

Coaches, consultants, executives, and managers ready to bring out the greatness in those they serve.

Social entrepreneurs and mission-driven business leaders seeking greater performance, profit, and impact.

Nonprofit professionals, organizers, and civic leaders striving to be more effective and resilient agents of change.

Ministers, educators, healers, parents, and others in helping roles who want to stay centered as they support others.

Growth-minded people who are in a transition and ready for more clarity, focus, and ease in their life and work.



Academy Foundational Training
May 2022 Course

Registration open now +

May 12: Orientation Call
5-6pm PDT | 8-9pm EDT
May 19-22: Course
9am-6pm PDT | 12-9pm EDT
May 28
9am-1pm PDT | 12-4pm EDT

Upcoming Academy Foundational Training (MLE) Courses – Online

Cost: Inclusive sliding scale (see below)
Class Size: No more than 30 people per course
Location: Online, by video conference
For ICF Coaches: 30 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) – 23 Core Competency,
7 Resource Development

In order for you to get full value from the Academy Foundational Training course,
we require full attendance.

Academy Foundational Training
July 2022 Course

Registration open now +

Jul 7: Orientation Call
5-6pm PDT | 8-9pm EDT
Jul 14-17: Course
9am-6pm PDT | 12-9pm EDT
July 23
9am-1pm PDT | 12-4pm EDT

Academy Foundational Training
September 2022 Course

Registration open now +

Sep 8: Orientation Call
5-6pm PDT | 8-9pm EDT
Sep 15-18: Course
9am-6pm PDT | 12-9pm EDT
September 24
9am-1pm PDT | 12-4pm EDT

Academy Foundational Training
November 2022 Course

Registration open now +

Nov 3: Orientation Call
9-10am PST | 12-1pm EST | 18.00-19.00 CET
Nov 9-13: Course
7am-2pm PST | 10am-5pm EST | 16.00-23.00 CET
November 19
9am-1pm PST | 12-4pm EST | 18.00-22.00 CET

Your Course Leaders

ACE life coaching Dr. Maria Nemeth

Dr. Maria Nemeth

Dr. Maria Nemeth helps purpose-driven people everywhere see their greatness and bring it all
to life.

As Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, she has trained thousands of people worldwide in the nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental sectors. She is a leading expert in leadership excellence, personal/professional development, and financial empowerment, whose work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. A lifelong agent of social change, Maria has contributed in areas such as civil rights, racial justice, women’s empowerment, and health & human services.

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We envision a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out. Our sliding scale reflects that vision, by supporting people to participate who could not otherwise do so.

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AFT November 2022 Course – US

September 9, 2022


Payment plans

We are dedicated to making this course financially workable for you, any way we can! We are happy to arrange a payment plan for you at no additional cost, as long as it is paid in full by the day of the course.

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Diversity Scholarship

As part of our growing effort to be a stand for justice, equity, diversity, we are now accepting scholarship applications for Academy Foundational Training. These scholarships aim to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women of color, marginalized populations, and the LGBTQ community.

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