About ACE Foundations 1: Mastering Your Life

(Formerly Mastering Life’s Energies)

Tools and skills for a luminous life

Luminous means: “emitting or reflecting light, startlingly bright, inspiring, radiant, resplendent, stunning, splendid.” In this course, you will learn a simple approach to living a luminous life — a way to create a life in which you see, at any moment, that you are doing exactly what you are here to do. The four aspects of luminosity are:

ACE executive coaching Mastering Life Energy

Gain a taste for the principles of this course by reading the renowned book by our founder and primary course leader, Dr. Maria Nemeth.


Seeing what is important to you. In this course you will discover your “personal GPS” and gain tools to live by it.


Putting your energy toward what is important to you. In this course, you’ll see where you’ve wasted energy, and how to use it effectively.


Taking small sweet steps toward what is important to you. In this course you’ll see how to “get things done” — with ease instead of struggle.


An unearned or unexpected blessing. In this course, you’ll gain tools for practicing the secret to grace: Being grateful, no matter the situation.

Curriculum for a life well-lived

You will gain a foolproof set of tools, practices, and skills for living the luminous life, encapsulated by six core transformational competencies:

ACE executive coaching Academy Foundational Training


Quickly observe and rise above your self-limiting inner dialogue.


Stay centered and respond easily, no matter the circumstances.


Act from your true nature, rather than from your doubts, fears, and anxieties.


Create a context in which others can see and act from their greatness.

Growth Mindset

Continually and actively be “coached” by your life and all those in it.

Creative Action

Bring your most cherished vision to reality by taking small sweet steps.

A profound & practical approach

Our work is rooted in ontology, the study of being. We look at what it truly is to be human: The values we live by, the heroic journey we are each here to take, and, ultimately, the gift to others we want to be known for. Our approach is:

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Our approach is grounded in principles found across spiritual and secular traditions, from ancient wisdom teachings to the latest research in neuroscience.

Hope in Dark Times by ACE executive coaching


We turn timeless wisdom into an elegant framework of tools and practices for living your values, realizing your vision, and empowering others.

Thrive in Difficult Times by ACE leadership coaching


Our rigorous approach teaches you how to create lasting shifts in the way you see and do things — long after the high of an “aha” moment wears off.

ACE Coaching: Be a Certified Coach


Our approach honors the wholeness and dignity of every person, and affirms our capacity to move beyond external obstacles and internal limitations.

Your Life’s Work And Purpose by ACE executive coaching

Socially conscious

As we support people to see their greatness, they naturally turn to the contribution they are here to make, to their community and to the world.

How the course is structured

Our approach bridges the disciplines of personal transformation, leadership development, and coach training. The course is an engaging mix of “flipchart-style” teaching, personal reflection, group coaching, peer interaction, and experiential skill-building. The course is structured around four simple elements:


We take universal success principles based in wisdom teachings and neuroscience, and distill them into their most accessible form.


We then give you incredibly simple tools and practices you can use to immediately apply those principles in your everyday life and work.


The course is structured around actually using those tools, so you’ll leave with the skill and confidence to apply them.


You’ll leave with a support structure and simple ways to do something with what you’ve learned, and turn insight into actual shifts in your life.