An invitation for the Interchange community

In this time of uncertainty and change, I want to offer you a way to continue your coach training and development. Read on to learn more:

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Dear Interchange students, graduates, and prospective students,

Hi! My name is Maria Nemeth. I am the Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Our school is based in Sacramento, California, and we offer professional coach training, personal empowerment, and leadership development.

We know this is a time of uncertainty and change within the Interchange community, and perhaps for many, a time of difficulty — and that you may be grappling with how this affects you and your next steps.

We believe well-trained coaches are an essential piece of the puzzle in bringing about the world we envision. After learning Interchange would not be running its program this year, we saw that it was important that we offer an alternative route to high-quality coach training to those in the Interchange community, so that you may be of greatest service to the world.

As such, I want to offer you a way to continue your coach training and development, with a special discount to our leadership 4-day course: Academy Foundational Training.

Academy Foundational Training (also known as the Thriving Changemaker Intensive) is a 4-day intensive for purpose-driven people ready to master their internal stopping points, make their unique contribution to life, and empower others to do the same.

If you came to Interchange looking for a comprehensive academy professional coach training program, taking Academy Foundational Training is a great place to start, because it is the foundational module of our Coach Certification Program. After you finish the course, you will have a clear picture of whether this approach resonates with you, and whether you’d like to enroll into our academy professional coach training program.

Here are a few details:

  • Dates: You may choose from several upcoming dates, including October 18-22, 2017 — the same dates as the canceled Interchange introductory weekend.
  • Inclusive Pricing: We offer sliding scale pricing in line with our commitment to a world in which everyone is supported 100%.
  • Discount: In addition to our sliding scale, we are extending our Early Bird Discount (~25%), and an additional $200 off to all students, prospective students, and graduates in the Interchange community (available through May 1st, 2018). With these discounts, your tuition would be between $500 and $2,100. Click here to the sliding scale pricing including these discounts.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you don’t get more than your investment’s worth by Day 3, we will gladly refund your fee.
  • Free Guest Pass: As a participant, you can bring a guest to attend with you — at no additional charge.
  • We are happy to chat: If you would like, we are glad to talk with you, to help you see if this program is the right thing at the right time for you. Click here to schedule a chat.

We believe that what the world needs most today are people fulfilling their unique part in creating a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out.

That is why it is so important to us that you know you are 100% welcome in our community — with open arms and whole hearts. While our program may not be a fit for everyone, we are committed to helping you see if it is the right one for you.

Often, it can be difficult when things don’t go as planned. I hope this invitation supports you to nevertheless take your next step forward with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Respectfully yours,

Maria Nemeth, PhD
Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence

p.s. – While every coaching school has its unique approach, I believe you will resonate deeply with our approach and our underlying philosophy. Click below to learn more, schedule a chat with us, or register.