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Step 1: Share what you gained

Sharing your “before & after” is one of the best ways for another person to see a vision for what they might get out of the course. You don’t need to share the details of what happened in the course, just what you’re taking away for yourself.

Step 2: Share why you thought of them

The fact that you thought of inviting this person means you see some possibility for what they might get from attending. Sharing this possibility from your heart to theirs creates an opening for them to choose to participate.

Step 3: Invite them to take a next step

Ask them directly whether they’d like to learn more about this work and this community. See them through the Green Lens as you invite them. They can:

A) Check out our free 90-minute webinar: Hope in Action

In this webinar, participants discover their Life’s Intentions and see how to use them to bring resilience to their life and leadership. Learn more and register:

B) Schedule a 30-minute chat with one of our Senior Coaches

In this chat, we’ll support them to see if this course is a good fit for them. Sign up at:

Sample Invitations

Sample Social Media Post

I attended this course and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Check it out:

Sample Invitation Email

TO: Your friend
SUBJECT: Thought of you — check this out

There’s a really interesting course coming up, and I thought of you:

Here’s a snippet from the website to give you a sense of what it’s about: “A 4-day transformational in-person training for people who know a better world is possible and want to move beyond their stopping points — so they can make the difference they’re here to make, with ease.”

I got a lot out of it personally. ___________________________________

I think you’d love it. ___________________________________

What do you think?

If you’re interested, you can chat with the coaches running the course (I cc’d them on this message).

Let me know if you want to chat more about it with me!

Questions? Contact:

Jeremy Blanchard, Director of Enrollment
+1 (503) 515-6321