It’s no secret that we live in a world of ever-changing circumstances and challenges.

This course offers a clear and engaging introduction to complexity theory, equipping you to manage change more efficiently, whether coaching individuals or leading an organization. 

Coaches who work with leaders:

  • Boost your value to clients by coaching them to maximize impact with minimal effort.
  • Discover strategies to guide leaders at pivotal moments, helping them empower employees on the brink of burnout.
  • Understand how to navigate the complex rules of organizational systems, leading your clients to extraordinary success.
  • Learn to empower your clients to shift their points of view by giving them value-laden articles geared primarily toward leaders.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • An introduction to Complexity Theory as a worldview and a view of organizations.
  • Insight into how and why small changes can create significant impacts, helping you to anticipate and navigate change more effectively.
  • Skills to identify patterns and structures within chaos, improving your strategic decision-making and planning.
  • Techniques for adaptive change management, building resilience, and encouraging innovation in your team or organization.
  • Methods to enhance problem-solving and creativity by incorporating diverse perspectives and collective intelligence.
  • Enhanced leadership skills, preparing you to lead confidently through uncertainty and foster environments of growth and adaptation.
  • Strategies to improve teamwork and collaboration, valuing different viewpoints to find the best solutions.

The syllabus includes:

  • An overview of the development of organizational systems and the best practices for interacting with each.
  • A lesson in organizational resilience: How to Bounce Back from Adversity
  • The Five Stages of organizational development and how to promote success during each stage.
  • Using a Positive Deviance approach to making significant individual and organizational changes with minimal effort.

This course is designed to make you more effective in your role, whether you’re a coach, a leader, or both! It will give you practical knowledge and skills in complexity theory to transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Basic Details

  • When: Wednesdays, May 8, 22, June  5, 19, 2024 @ 9-11 am Pacific Time
  • Where: Online via Zoom video conference
  • Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs): 8CC
  • No prerequisite (open to the public)


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    $475 early bird (by April 8) / $500 regular price (after April 8)
  • Current Coach Training Program Students:
    $400 early bird price (by April 8) / $425 regular price (after April 8)*
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Here is a handy two-page brochure that you can download and print, if you want.



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Your Instructors

Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC, is the Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and has trained hundreds of coaches around the world. An accomplished Licensed Clinical Psychologist working with people in crisis, she is also a well-known expert in leadership excellence, personal/professional development, and financial empowerment. Voted one of the 50 most influential people in wealth management in the UK, her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Maria is the author of The Energy of Money and Mastering Life’s Energies.

Rita Sáenz is the former Director of the California Department of Social Services, a government agency with a $21 billion budget and 4,700 employees. Her expertise lies in executive and organizational development, public policy, and government affairs. She served on the Board of the Plexus Institute. She is on the National Policy Council of AARP, the Executive Council of AARP of California, and the California Asset Building Coalition Steering Committee. She is also a Governor’s appointee as Commissioner on the California Commission on Aging.