Mastering Life’s Energies:
Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play

By Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

“This remarkable book provides a metaphysical kick in the pants. Both ironic and ecstatic, it gives us new skills we never thought to have and potent ways to release old habits so that we may truly live the luminous life we were always meant to have.” Jean Houston, PhD, author of A Mythic Life and A Passion for the Possible
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About the Book

Everyone has had luminous moments in their lives. It’s the “a-ha” moment when one experiences the beauty and grace of life, whether it be when looking into the eyes of a newborn child or watching the sun set over the ocean.

But those moments are usually too brief. Too often, people walk around in a fog, feeling vaguely frustrated, resigned, and cynical and asking all the wrong questions about how to make life better. They miss the purpose for being alive: to wake up and become oneself, to allow others to contribute to them and to, in turn, contribute their gifts to the world.

This book gives readers specific methods for allowing luminosity into their lives on a consistent basis, allowing them to view the world with much younger, more vibrant eyes.

About Maria Nemeth, Ph.D.

Maria Nemeth helps purpose-driven people everywhere see their greatness and bring it all to life.

Designed and refined over decades of work with people all over the world, her Luminous Life Method™ turns timeless wisdom into practical skills that have helped tens of thousands to live and serve with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Maria offers coaching, training, and speaking at mission-driven companies, nonprofits, public agencies, conferences, and telesummits.

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