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You have greatness to give the world.
This course gives you a way to bring it all to life.

“Attending this course was one of the single most impactful things I’ve done in my life. If you’re ready to feel more alignment between your values and your day-to-day life, enroll in this training.”Caroline Henderson, graduate

About the Intensive

You have greatness to give the world. Mastering Life’s Energies (the Thriving Changemaker Intensive) is a 4-day intensive that gives you a way to see it — and bring it to life.

Brought to you by:

Do what you came to do.

What would it be like to be doing what you know you’re here to do — for yourself, for others, and for the world? To be living in line with the legacy you wish to leave? To be consistently acting from your true vision — and even supporting others to do the same?

Play toward the goals that really matter to you.

What if you could do the things in life you’d given up on or talked yourself out of — those things that would bring so much joy to your heart — all while contributing your gifts to the world?

Be unstoppable in the face of challenge & change.

What would it be like to consistently bring your best to each situation, and no longer be slowed down or held back by distraction, doubt, or overwhelm? What if you had the power to bounce back amid adversity, and turn every obstacle into an opportunity?

Our Method

Designed by Dr. Maria Nemeth, the Luminous Life Method™ turns timeless wisdom into practical skills that have helped tens of thousands to live and serve with clarity, focus, ease, and grace. The “luminous life” is a life well-lived, full of moments behind you in which you did what you came to do.

Step #1 – Master Your Mind

The power to transform our lives and our world begins with our power to think clearly; yet, we each have mental “blind spots” causing us to suffer needlessly, squander our energy, and struggle repeatedly. Unleash your innate resilience and creativity, by learning:

  • How to spot and go beyond your self-defeating internal dialogue, so you can quickly and easily live from your voice of wisdom.
  • Your “Basic Assumption:” the invisible, beguiling, internal “show-stopper” behind your most frustrating personal and professional struggles — and how to go past it.
  • The hidden mechanism continuously shaping our perceptions and actions — and how to use it to make your mind your greatest ally instead of your worst enemy.

Step #2 – Bring Your Greatness

Regardless your day-to-day struggles and lingering self-doubts, you have an enduring greatness beyond measure. Experience the freedom and joy of living from who you truly are, by discovering:

  • The underlying intentions and vision that bring you joy, meaning, and fulfillment.
  • The core values that form your blueprint for personal and professional excellence.
  • How to go beyond your public pretense and private anxieties, so you can be known for your true courage, creativity, and authenticity.

Step #3 – Learn to Thrive

When you give so much at the expense of your well-being, you end up exhausted by what you did, regretting what you didn’t do, and eventually too burnt out to make the difference you’re here to make. Gain practical skills for thriving, so you can:

  • Do the work you’re passionate about, while actually enjoying your life — and in the process, become more enjoyable to be around!
  • End your day satisfied and eager for tomorrow, instead of frustrated, depleted, and dreading the to-do’s that await you.
  • Make the most of your precious time, resources, vitality, and relationships, so you can experience a life truly well-lived — right here and now, instead of “someday.”

Step #4 – Empower Others

Just about every aspect of your success depends on empowering relationships. Create an environment of trust, collaboration, and empowerment everywhere you go, by learning:

  • The true nature of support, and how to both give and receive it in a way that contributes to everyone involved.
  • How to be a member of a team in which everyone supports each other 100% with no one left out.
  • How to bring out the very best in others, so that in your presence, they see their greatness and do what they are here to do.

Step #5 – Serve the World

It is your essential nature to contribute — to make the world and those around you better off because you were here. Experience the true joy of being of service and giving your unique gift, by discovering:

  • How to consistently align your actions with your true values and intentions, so you can experience meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment, and harmony.
  • How to follow the underlying “rules of engagement” for creative action, so you can bring your ideas to fruition with ease.
  • How to quickly respond, adapt, and persevere — instead of struggle or give up — when things don’t go as planned.

By the Numbers



Sacramento, CA • August 24-28, 2016 or October 5-9, 2016

Location: The Academy for Coaching Excellence, 1900 Point West Way, Sacramento, CA.
Meals: On your own, with light snacks provided throughout the course. Housing: On your own.

Days & Times (full attendance required):

Wednesday 6:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday 9:00am-6:30pm
Friday 9:00am-9:30pm
Saturday 9:00am-6:30pm
Sunday 9:00am-2:00pm

“The best part for me is the applicability of the tools and the ongoing support, which I have used every single day, in multiple ways, in the months since the training. My life has been irrevocably changed by the ideas I digested and commitments I made in this training.”
Mattie Weiss, Training Director at Educators 4 Excellence

Your Course Leaders

Maria Nemeth - Headshot 1Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC

Maria Nemeth, known as the “Master Coach for Purpose-Driven Leaders,” helps purpose-driven people everywhere see their greatness and bring it all to life.

As Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, she has trained thousands of people worldwide in the nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental sectors. She is a leading expert in leadership excellence, personal/professional development, and financial empowerment, whose work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. A lifelong agent of social change, Maria has contributed in areas such as civil rights, racial justice, women’s empowerment, health & human services, LGBTQ rights, and climate justice.

Zo Tobi - HeadshotZo Tobi, PCC

Zo Tobi helps people find their place, play their part, and give their gift. He is a Professional Certified Coach, Course Leader, and also an accomplished rock musician and social movement organizer.

Zo has served as co-founder and co-director for Coaching for Social Change and Generation Waking Up, as well as a regional organizer and national campaign director for the Sierra Student Coalition. Since co-organizing the 12,000-person Power Shift 2009 youth climate conference, he has been dedicated to building resilient social change movements based on the timeless principles of compassion, generosity, and service which describe the human spirit.

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