You cannot coach someone past a point you haven’t gone yourself.

Mastering Life’s Energies is a 4-day intensive for purpose-driven people ready to master their internal stopping points, so they can empower others to do the same.

This course is the foundational module of our Coach Certification Program, as well as our flagship, stand-alone intensive for personal and professional development.

Also known as the Thriving Changemaker Intensive, this course is a program of the Academy for Coaching Excellence and Coaching for Social Change.

Sacramento, CA • July 17-21 or September 18-22 (Learn more »)
Stockholm, Sweden • 18-21 October (Learn more »)


Tools and skills for a luminous life.

Luminous means: “emitting or reflecting light, startlingly bright, inspiring, radiant, resplendent, stunning, splendid.” In this course, you will learn the Luminous Life Method™ — a way to create a life in which you see, at any moment, that you are doing exactly what you are here to do. The Four Pillars of Luminosity are:

  • Clarity

    Seeing who you truly are and what is important to you. In this course you will discover your “True North” and gain tools to live by it.

  • Focus

    Putting your energy where it can do the greatest good. In this course, you’ll see where you’ve wasted energy, and how to get it back.

  • Ease

Doing simply what is next on our path, moment by moment. In this course you’ll see how to “get things done” — but with elegance instead of struggle.

  • Grace

    Being consistently grateful for the privilege to engage your life. In this course, you’ll gain practices for bringing gratitude to each moment.

Gain a taste for the principles of this course by reading the renowned book by our founder and primary course leader, Dr. Maria Nemeth, PhD.

Curriculum for a life well-lived.

You will gain a foolproof set of tools, practices, and skills for living the Luminous Life, encapsulated by six core competencies:

  • Mindfulness

    Quickly observe and rise above your self-limiting inner dialogue.

  • Resilience

    Stay centered and respond easily, no matter the circumstances.

  • Authenticity

    Act from who you truly are, rather than from your fears and pretense.

  • Empowerment

    Create a context in which others can see and act from their greatness.

  • Growth Mindset

    Continually and actively be “coached” by your life and all those in it.

  • Creative Action

    Bring your most cherished vision to reality by taking small sweet steps.

Click here to view a detailed Curriculum Overview.


How the course is structured:

Our approach bridges the disciplines of personal transformation, leadership development, and coach training. The course is an engaging mix of “flipchart-style” teaching, personal reflection, group coaching, peer interaction, and experiential skill-building. The course is structured around four simple elements:

  • Timeless principles

    We take universal success principles based in wisdom teachings and neuroscience, and distill them into their most accessible form.

  • Practical tools

    We then give you incredibly simple tools and practices you can use to immediately apply those principles in your everyday life and work.

  • Lifelong skills

    The course is structured around actually using those tools, so you’ll leave with the skill and confidence to apply them.

  • Tangible results

    You’ll leave with a support structure and simple ways to do something with what you’ve learned, and turn insight into actual shifts in your life.

Why this course?

There is nothing new about the wisdom teachings and success principles underlying our work — they have been around for millenia. What is unique about this work is that it puts these principles into a practical form you can use, to bridge the gap between life as it is and as you know it could be.

True Transformation

You will see lasting shifts in how you do things — long after the “high” of the course wears off.

Our greatest inner obstacle is Monkey Mind, that chattering voice always jumping from worry to doubt and back to doubt again. This course teaches you how to observe Monkey Mind and shift toward thoughts worth thinking.

Tools and Practices

You will learn to practice simple tools and skills that lead to ongoing results — not just “aha!” moments.

So many books and trainings try to teach us about what to do differently… but we still don’t do it! This course provides you a step-by-step system of tools and skills for putting success principles into consistent daily action.

Lifelong Community

You will experience the incredible ongoing support of a community of learners and doers.

Often momentum and excitement dissipates once you re-enter the “real world” of daily life. You will leave this course with A) structured buddy support and B) a lifelong community of alumni, all dedicated to your success.

Live your values.

What would it be like to end your day satisfied, because you know deep down you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing? What would it be like to live by the legacy you want to leave? To be acting on what matters most to you — and even supporting others to do the same?

Realize your vision.

What if you were consistently doing the things you used to give up on or talk yourself out of — those things that would bring so much joy to your heart and make such a difference in the lives of others and the world around you?

Keep moving forward.

What if you were consistently bringing your best to each situation, no longer slowed down or held back by doubts or overwhelm? What if you had the power to bounce back, respond quickly, and keep moving forward even when things don’t go the way you planned?

Is this course for you?

People attend for many reasons, personal and professional. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

“I’m at a crossroads and I’m ready to see what’s next.”

This course will help you find direction and focus, so you can intentionally create the life you love and make the contribution you are here to make.

“I feel overwhelmed and really need a recharge.”

This course will support you to step back, take stock, and see how to create and sustain a new level of clarity, focus, ease, and joy in your life and work.

“I want to be a more empowering leader, manager, mentor…”

This course will help you master the “inner” domain of leadership, giving you a core set of proven practices for empowering yourself and others.

“I want to be a masterful professional coach!”

Coaches trained elsewhere call this “the missing piece” in their training; AND, aspiring coaches can take this as the first module in our certification program!


What our participants are saying:

“This work has made an incredible and indelible difference in my life for the better! Maria and the other Course Leaders’ calm manner, unbelievable patience, and huge experience has helped redirect my attitude towards making the best contribution in this life that I can. I’ve not only achieved significant goals in our time together but have so with more clarity, focus, ease and grace. Joy is a great side effect of these teachings.”Ruth Connell, Actor
“This course guided me gently, slowly, and with care, to see what stood in the way of my success and fulfillment. At times it was totally uncomfortable, but the whole time, it was safe and well-led. The opportunity to leave with more confidence and trust in my voice of wisdom than ever before was completely priceless. I came with five teammates from my organization, and we were all extremely skeptical. We all signed up for the next course.”Mazin Jamal Mahgoub • Coach, Artist, and Community Organizer

“Trust me, I’ve been through a lot of coaching, leadership, and professional development trainings, but this one really left a mark. I have honestly applied at least one thing I learned in this training *every day* since. For all you project-doers, dream-havers, business-starters, and change-makers out there, I highly encourage you to check out the training yourself.”Pakou Her, Senior Campaign Director of UltraViolet and former Executive Director of
“This work has taken my coaching to a new level and created a lot of energy in my life. I gained a deeper understanding about how I was getting in my way as a coach. The tools I learned have helped me as a coach and in my daily life, and as a result, I’ve been able to help my clients shift from their self-limiting thoughts to what´s most important to them.”Bengt Kallenberg, Executive & Career Coach

“This was life-changing. I use the tools *every day*. It’s helped me see my purpose more clearly than ever, move beyond comparison and resignation, and deepen my self-care practice. I’ve done MANY leadership trainings and seminars but this stands out from the crowd, because the tools are so elegant and practical.”Anna Wagner, Senior National Organizer at Greenpeace USA
“The best part for me is the applicability of the tools and the ongoing support, which I have used every single day, in multiple ways, in the time since the training. My life has been irrevocably changed by the ideas I digested and commitments I made in this training.”Mattie Weiss, Training Director at Educators for Excellence

“This course radically changed the way I do my work. This training provided me with a set of skills to move past my most familiar reactions to change, and tap into a lasting inner fortitude that has me committed to my work for the long haul. And the best part is that I’ve gained a community of practice that has only strengthened over the years.”Seth Bush, Grassroots Organizer at Sierra Club
“Taking this course is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”Refugio Mata, Program Director at Resource Media