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See your best next step for getting where you want to go.

In this free 1-hour session with one of our Senior Coaches, step back from your day-to-day routine to look at where you’re heading, where you want to be heading, and your best next step to get there.

What You’ll Get:

See where you are.

How often do you get to pause, step back, and really take stock? Get a candid look at where you are, where you’re heading, and whether to shift course.

See where you want to go.

What would it be like to really see where you want to go next in your life and work? In this session, you’ll get to discover a vision that truly inspires you.

See your best next step.

Are you ready to do what it takes to bring your vision to life — sooner rather than later? If so, this is the perfect place to see exactly what to do next.

Our Leadership Course:

If you’re interested in working further with us, including taking our life-changing 4-day intensive, we will look at that together.

Who This Is For

Read carefully to make sure this is a good fit for you. Note all that apply:

  1. “I care deeply about doing all I can for my community and the world around me.”
  2. “I have the passion & vision, but I’m not yet doing all I know I’m capable of doing.”
  3. “I’ve gotten some great training — what I need now is to transform my way of seeing and doing things, so I can put all my training to its best use.”
  4. “I’m clear my greatest stopping points are internal. Yes, there are external factors — but I’m more interested in mastering what I’m bringing to the game.”
  5. “I see I have mental blindspots causing me to make things harder than they need to be — and I’ve had enough of doing this way.”
  6. “I see I need to invest in support to remove my blindspots and to have the transformation I’m seeking — and I’m willing to make that investment.”
  7. “It’s not worth it to me to wait. I see the right time is NOW to act on this.”

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