Our Supporters

Here at the Academy, we are grateful to have received the blessing of financial support from a number of individuals and groups. We wish to acknowledge them here:

Featured Founding Members

  • Shana Horrigan
  • Leslie Gebhart
  • Marilee Eaves
  • Wayne Manning
  • Debra Fletter
  • Marilyn Macha
  • Johan Grip
  • Mark Meyerdirk
  • Russell Avery

Additional Founding Members

  • Laura Plato
  • Robert Hardy
  • Eva Ohlsson
  • SueAnn Berry Freeman
  • James Geiger
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Lori Gorrell
  • Sandra Rosen Larsson
  • Susan De Lorenzo
  • Richard Matsueda
  • Pramila Kalaga
  • Miriam Hyman
  • Kelly Somers
  • Brenda Heckes
  • Ruth Connell

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