Advanced Coaching (Sweden)

Have you ever “gone blank” while trying to coach or support someone, and your next thought is… “What’s the right thing to say??”

If so, it might be time to step back into the “Coaching Dojo.” Over four days of rich training and dynamic practice, we will show you how to coach masterfully and with far greater ease… so you can make the difference you’re really here to make for people.

“This is the kind of course I could take once a year.” — Daniel Jubelirer, Coach


  • Dates and times: 15-18 March 2019: Friday 09.00-18.00, Saturday 09.00-19.30, Sunday 09.00-18.00, Monday 09.00-17.00
  • Location: Amazing Leaders, Grevgatan 34, 5th floor, Stockholm
  • Meals: On your own, with light snacks provided throughout the course.
  • Housing: On your own.
  • For Coaches: 28 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs) – all Core Competency (FULL ATTENDANCE REQUIRED!)
  • Pre-requisite: Empowering Leadership Excellence


For participants joining through their company:
$2,200 USD >>>>> Register by February 15 for a $200 Early Bird discount! Use the code: SPRINGSE2019 »
For participants joining independently:
$1,700 USD >>>>> Register by February 15 for a $200 Early Bird discount! Use the code: SPRINGSE2019 »

Returning Student Discount

If you have taken this course before, we invite you to register at 50% off the standard price, using the 1-word promo code: WELCOMEBACK

What you will learn

Through the Mastering Leadership Excellence and Empowering Leadership Excellence courses, you gained the first 50% of what it takes to be an effective coach: What we might call a coach’s mind, and a coach’s heart. In this course, you will learn the remaining 50% of the ACE coaching framework, including the following:

Coaching Lens

In your last course, you were introduced to the Coaching Lens. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the precise “symptoms” you exhibit when you are struggling to coach, so you can quickly course correct.
  • Easily identify the true coaching need “underneath” whatever a person presents to you.
Coach’s Ear

Did you know a masterful coach attends to only a fraction of what a person is saying? Replace the exhaustion of tracking every detail for the joy of creating “aha!” moments with ease, by learning to:

    • Quickly discern and unpack the metaphors and viewpoints that are keeping a person “stuck.”
    • Cut through the minutiae of whatever a person is talking about, by attuning to the “energy of the space.”
  • Get underneath the narrative, however convoluted, to “laser in” on the heart of the matter.
Coach’s Words

What would it be like to catalyze breakthroughs without expending much time, energy, or breath? Make a greater difference with far fewer words, by discovering how to:

    • Joyously engage the “dance” of coaching, instead of ineffectively clinging to a “formula.”
  • Employ a precise subset of language that elicits insight and action — with no need to “process.”
  • See when to use one of three “coaching positions,” so that your client gets the most value from your coaching.

Your Course Leader

Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC
Maria Nemeth, known as the “Master Coach for Purpose-Driven Leaders,” helps purpose-driven people everywhere see their greatness and bring it all to life.

As Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, she has trained thousands of people worldwide in the nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental sectors. She is an internationally recognized expert in leadership coaching, personal/professional development, and financial empowerment. Her two best-selling books, The Energy of Money and Mastering Life’s Energies, are considered classics in personal and professional empowerment.

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