Your Life’s Work And Purpose

Program Banner - Your Life's Work And Purpose (YLWP)One of the most important journeys of your life.

In Your Life’s Work And Purpose, you will discover the fundamental gift that is truly yours to contribute — and how to use that gift to “follow your bliss” in every aspect of your life and work.

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Joseph Campbell put it best:

“If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there the whole while waiting for you; you find the life you ought to be living is the life you are leading.”  — Joseph Campbell

Take a moment and look at the following questions:
  • Am I willing to discover, specifically and simply, what my bliss really is?
  • Would it be all right with me to see, once and for all, how to follow it?
  • Am I ready to see what I have come here in life to contribute?

In this course you will discover your life’s mission. Knowing what it is, you’ll understand why there have been times when you said to yourself: “It doesn’t’ get any better than this!”

Join this seminar and see how to experience even more satisfaction and ease. You’ll know what you are here to do — and how to do it! Your path to success will become simple, obvious, and even fun. You‘ll discover how to get into the “flow” both at work and at play.

During the course you will determine:
  • Your life’s work and the purpose that best describes your specific contribution to life.
  • How to use your life’s work while coaching, leading, playing, loving…in other words, every aspect of your life.
  • Your personal credo in the form of : This is who I am.
  • How to create goals that warm your heart, nurture your spirit, and bring your talents to life.
Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss.
Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
 – Deepak Chopra