Your Pathway to Personal Mastery

End your day saying:
“Yes! I did what I came to do.”

Your Leadership Course:

Academy Foundational Training is a 4-day transformational training for people who know a better world is possible and want to move past their stopping points — so they can make the difference they’re here to make.

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Personal Mastery Curriculum

After our required leadership course, you may take the following courses in any sequence:

Your Life’s Work And Purpose

Discover the fundamental gift that is truly yours to contribute — and how to use that gift to “follow your bliss” in every aspect of your life and work.

Unleashing the Energy of Money

Take the struggle and the fear out of your relationship with money, so you can use it to empower your mission AND the life you really want.

The Art of Partnership

Learn how to harness the strength of your natural gifts and inclinations, to create a “Success Team” that is greater than the sum of its parts.